Top Hat's Aida named BEST COMMUNITY THEATER EVENT of 2008 by Youngstown Vindicator

Top Hat's Ragtime named 2nd BEST COMMUNITY THEATER EVENT of 2009 by Youngstown Vindicator

July 2009:

Awarding the best in community theater in the Youngstown and Akron Ohio areas, Top Hat's family receives 32 nominations for the 40 categories of performance, design, and technical aspects of theater.

Thanks to those who have supported, attended, and prayed for us this season!

Best Cameo Performance, Actor, Musical:
Johnny Herbert, Aida
Marquesse Shine, The Earth Trembled
Curt Miller, The Earth Trembled

Best Choreography:
Brian Palumbo, Julie Palumbo, Aida

Best Direction of a Musical
Brian Palumbo, Aida

Best Followspot Operator
Nick Figley, Aida
Meysha Harville, Aida

Best Lightboard Operator
Neil Figley, Aida

Best Lighting Design
Jeff Chann, Aida

Best Special Theatrical Event
Song of the Spirit, Brian Palumbo
Renaissance Feast, Top Hat Productions

Best Stage Manager
Heidi Miller, Aida

Best Supporting Actor, Musical
Anthony Villa, Smokey Joe's Cafe
Mark Samuel, The Earth Trembled

Best Supporting Actress, Musical
Julie Palumbo, Aida
Julie Palumbo, Smokey Joe's Cafe
Nikita Jones, Smokey Joe's Cafe
Marisa Zamary, Smokey Joe's Cafe

Best Revival
Smokey Joe's Cafe
The Earth Trembled

Best Leading Actor, Musical
Brian Palumbo, Aida
Brian Palumbo, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Brian Palumbo, The Earth Trembled

Best Leading Actress, Musical
Rachell Joy, Aida
Julie Palumbo, The Earth Trembled

Best Musical

Best Musical Director
Brian Palumbo, Aida

Best Featured Actor, Musical
Angel Febres, The Earth Trembled
James Figley, The Earth Trembled

Best Featured Actress, Musical
Rachell Joy, The Earth Trembled
Liz Samuel, The Earth Trembled

Best Female Juvenile, Musical
Brittany Storey, The Earth Trembled